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The objective of this website is to disseminate information and promote discussion about the disease causing viruses. The content is suitable for school and college students, researchers and STEM oriented adults.

I was motivated to create this forum because I found that most sites either cater to the advanced researchers or are oversimplified. I have attempted to bridge the gap by introducing advanced topics in biochemistry, virology and immunology in an easy-to-understand narrative.

I also track viral strains and publish my findings here. I have developed a complex biostatistical model of the flu virus. Since 2016, I have used the model to analyze the historical strains of the virus to predict its future course and calculate the vaccine for the upcoming year. My computed vaccines have matched perfectly with those announced later by WHO/CDC. I added COVID-19 to the study in 2020. I plan to publish my model in peer reviewed journals.

I hope you find the site useful. I will appreciate your comments and questions.

Cameron Sharma
Founder and
Principal Researcher

I am a high school student in Richmond, Virginia, USA. I have the honor of being a Regeneron ISEF Finalist in each year of eligibility, presenting in the categories of Computational Biology, Astrophysics and Environmental Engineering. I interned at the MIT's Research Science Institute (RSI) in summer 2021. In 2019, I was awarded the title of Virginia STEM Phenom by the Governor. In addition to winning STEM awards at the levels ranging from the regional to international, I was a Broadcom MASTERS and 3M Young Scientist Challenge Finalist for which 30 and 10 students are selected nationwide, respectively. I am delighted to be one of the few students ever, who have scored a perfect 800 on SAT Math at the age of 12 years or passed the AP Calculus BC exam while in middle school (AP Score: 4).

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